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Social Media Marketing; some find it a catchy term, but it's there to describe specific digital marketing activities.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes (but is not limited to) managing and maintaining a profile on social media, creating content, photos, videos or ads, and a variety of other activities related to this social profile.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. As such, it is closely related to search engine marketing. It also helps and supports the process of SEO, since it builds links to your site and keeps your audience updated (search engines love consistent businesses).

Another common thing nowadays is that many people also perform searches on social media sites to find what they were looking for. Proper social media management may help your website’s appearance on some social media search results, either within the same social media network or at some of the search engines.

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Improve the social presence of your business with our data-driven social media campaigns.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Adivius is a data-driven social media agency. We provide effective social media solutions to help your business attract new leads, generate more conversions, and grow. Social media can also help build links, that in turn, support the website’s SEO efforts.

Our team will adapt to your needs and expectations. We will study your website and learn what is best for your business and your customers. Our social media services will give your brand a voice in today’s digital marketing era.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the largest and fastest-growing social platform. We are available to help your business advertise and promote on Facebook. By carefully analyzing and understanding your business goals, we will create, optimize, and publish your contents and ads for this leading social platform.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is used to share creative and captivating images and videos. Managing a business profile can be time-consuming, not to mention all the experiments and following the newest trends. Adivius can help you create content and publish it on Instagram. We’ll improve your Instagram presence, fully-optimize your Instagram profile, and grow your audience, whether it’s regular posting or paid ads.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform to establish your business brand. Our team will help you manage and optimize your LinkedIn profile. We’ll reach out, increase your business credibility and grow your LinkedIn audience for you.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a prevalent micro-blogging form people use to reach out to their fans. Twitter paid ads can lead to robust social outreach, connecting your business to people who need your services. It’s also a great social platform for establishing brand awareness for your business.

Facebook Marketing

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Instagram Marketing

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LinkedIn Marketing

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Twitter Marketing

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Adivius as Social Media Marketing Agency

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Social media has become a digital marketing game-changer in recent years. The best way to power it up is to plan and create a long-term social media campaign. It requires specialized expertise to encourage people to interact with your social media campaigns. We develop strategy and campaign based on in-depth analysis, unique for your business, and your goals.

Organic growth is essential, but you can reach your target audience and more customers faster with paid social media ads. Our team has experience in creating, managing, and improving your social media ads by implementing proven social media marketing strategies. We create engaging, fun, and exciting ads that catch your customer's attention and sell your product. It includes setting up the advertisement, in-depth analysis, and brand presence monitoring to create the perfect social media ad.

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Social media is the most effective way to reach out to your target audience and promote your brand. Our social media marketing services will ensure your brand image and story is consistent across all social media platforms. Stay on top of the mind with your target audience's loyalty and attract new customers with captivating content, images, and videos.

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Adivius has a dedicated editorial and content team that produces text copies that sell, designed to support your social media campaigns. Our content marketing specialists will develop and implement a content marketing plan that's best suited to your business needs.

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